Classes Available

We offer a range fitness classes all of which can be tailored to suit your workplace and space available.

MCF Corporate Finance - Pilates

A series of mat-based exercises to strengthen and stretch your entire body focusing on core strength and body awareness.  Pilates is proven to; improve strength, flexibility, posture, can ease back pain and improves your general fitness and wellbeing. Perfect for a morning class to set you up for the day, lunch time class, to recharge your body and mind for the afternoon or after work class, to help realign your posture after a day spent sat at your desk.

Teach First - Abs blast class

Workplace to Workout
A high energy class to work your whole body. Exercises include bootcamp style cardio sprints and drills to improve your fitness and body weight exercises to strengthen and tone. Expect to get sweaty! Exercise will be adapted to suit the space, fitness levels and goals of the group. 


Full body workout to improve muscular strength, tone, and definition. All your major muscle groups will be worked. This class will help to improve your fitness, as well as burn off a few extra calories. Stations are set up around the room with different exercise performed on each. Workout at each station for one minute before moving to the next.  Genesis - Post Abs Blast stretchIt’s fast paced, but options are given so you can work to your own fitness level and intensity. 

Abs Blast  
A series of exercises to flatten and tone your stomach, build your back muscles whilst strengthening your ‘core’ (deep abdominal muscles). This is an active, mainly mat based class. Ideal for a short lunchtime class. Results = Abs of steel!

High Intensity Interval Training – A short and intense total body work out. Interval training involves high intense cardio bursts of exercise, followed by short periods of recovery. Great for improving endurance and fat burning. You will sweat!Indeed - Boot camp Modifications for all fitness levels will be given.

HIIT & Abs Blast 
An hour intense and effective class combining 30 minutes of HIIT followed by 30 minutes on the mat to work your abdominals. Great for a post work body blitz.

TfL - Yoga class for staff

Leave your inbox, roll out your mat and find some Zen in the mayhem of your day.  From Fitness to Restorative Yoga we’ll bring the tranquility to you. Yoga is a great way to release and open the body and mind.  Whether you’re an office of Yogis or complete beginners we offer options from a relaxing meditative style class to a strengthening session with more challenging poses.

Desk to Dance
IOME - Zumba - JumpingHigh energy, dance based workouts. Shake and shimmy away the stresses of the day with a calorie-burning dance fitness party in your office! You can theme your sessions and music style (80s, 90s, Street Dance, Zumba® or Latin Fit) OR go for a Dance Fitness mix. We’ll take music requests too so you can let your instructor know what style of music you like to exercise to.  Don’t worry if you can’t dance, just keep moving and smiling!

Meditation sessions
Find your moment of calm… each session focuses on a different theme giving you the
opportunity to try different meditation techniques and focus. Themes include; Breathing, listening, senses, relaxation, compassion and stress reduction. Mindfulness (learning to become more present in the moment) will be included too giving you ideas to help you incorporate more mindfulness into your daily lives.

Ante-Natal Classes
Being pregnant doesn’t mean you have to stop exercising but you need to adapt the way you do things.  We offer safe and effective ante-natal Pilates, yoga, circuits, Bump-camp and many more for a group of mums-to-be from 12 weeks on.

Bespoke Classes (30, 45 or 60 minute classes)
We’re a team of fantastic instructors, so if you don’t see your favourite fitness class here let us know! We can tailor a class to to suit your workplace and fitness goals.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements and book your first class.