How it works

Our workplace fitness classes and wellbeing services can take place in-person at your London office, as a live interactive online session or both. Giving you the option to bring together your hybrid working staff. 

At your office
For fitness classes, all you need is a free meeting room or space in your workplace and some willing colleagues. Push any desks and chairs to the side, throw down your mats and away you go! Talks and workshops can be run theatre style for your whole organisations. We mainly work in London, but we may be able to help with in-person sessions across the UK.

Online live interactive sessions
All our workplace fitness classes and wellbeing services can be delivered as live interactive online sessions via Zoom*.  Staff can join from anywhere in the world!  We can record the session for staff who aren’t able to join live. *We can use your company’s own conferencing platform if required.

Funding options

Option 1 – Company funds class
This could be part of your organisation’s employee benefits package and health and wellness strategy. It’s a low-cost, simple way to show company commitment to your employees’ health and wellbeing. An alternative or compliment to gym membership subsidy.

Option 2 – Subsidise the class for your employees
Company pays an amount towards the class (from £10 per class). This could be included as part of your company employee benefits package. This would decrease the cost to your employees and show company commitment to their wellbeing.

Option 3 – Employees pay for the class
Simply nominate one person to organise collecting payment ahead of the classes (block bookings to keep it simple). This is still a low cost option for your employees.

For employees
It’s an easy way to fit exercise into your working day and a low-cost alternative to the gym or studio classes. We come to you… so no excuses!
Classes can be held during a lunch break, before or after work.

For employers
Providing exercise classes for your staff is proven to increase productivity and improve the general wellbeing of your employees. 

There have been a number of studies which demonstrate the benefits of providing exercise opportunities for your staff*. To name just a few of those benefits:

  • Exercising during the working day improves productivity by re-energising your staff and increasing concentration
  • Classes provide internal networking opportunities
  • Lower rates of absenteeism and greater staff retention
  • A positive image for your company
  • General positive impact on your staff’s health and wellbeing
  • Can help decrease stress levels and reduce back pain.

Classes available

We offer competitive rates, and per person prices will vary depending on size and type of class. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and options. Email

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* References