Talks and Workshops

Deskercise-Active-Workplace-Conference.jpgOur interactive and fun Health and Wellbeing talks and Workshops are delivered by our Founder Julia Scodie.

Did you know, taking just a few minutes to move and stretch throughout your working day can have a huge impact on your general health and wellbeing?

Our interactive Deskercise session covers;

Deskercise lunch and learn session for staff at Pivotal

• The facts – How much physical activity you should aim to do through your working day.
• Posture – How you can become more aware of your posture and self correct muscle imbalances (often caused by sitting at your computer, using your mobile phone).
• ‘Deskercise’ – Simple stretches and exercises you can do at your desk (or anywhere!) to incorporate into your day.


This presentation can be tailored to your workplace. From a short stand-alone Deskercise session to a longer workplace health and wellbeing talk which includes further practical tips and advice for keeping healthy at work.



Workplace Health and Wellbeing for businesses
Are you looking to improve, or start, an employee health and wellbeing strategy in your workplace?

We can help and deliver our workplace health and wellbeing session as a presentation, interactive workshop or bespoke consultancy session.

Our Founder Julia charing the Health and Wellbeing panel discussion - *office show

Our session includes;
• The facts – Evidence and benefits for implementing a workplace health and wellbeing strategy.
• What is Workplace Health and wellbeing? We’ll cover employee physical and mental health, office environment, healthy eating and company culture
• Practical tips, advice and useful resources.
• Sharing case studies, good practice and ideas from other businesses
• Where to start if your ‘wellbeing’ budget is limited (or even zero)
• Interactive discussion and idea sharing

Learning outcomes – Knowledge, resources, practical tools and ideas to plan and implement, champion (or improve an existing) workplace health and wellbeing strategy for your organisation.

Contact us at to find out how we can help support your employees’ health and wellbeing.