Pilates with a view

Bringing Exercise in the City… to Exercise in the Country

Just spent a fabulous bank holiday weekend up in the Lake District, staying in a barn in the remote and beautiful Duddon valley with 20 friends far ….far ….. far…  away from the hustle and bustle of London.  

The fairly epic drive in bank holiday traffic to get there – including a 1 hour breathtaking (and quite adrenaline inducing!) off-road adventure – was well worth it.  We hiked on Saturday, Kayaked on Sunday… and in the evenings enjoyed a keg of the local brew & danced the night away with the volume turned up to 11. No neighbours for miles, so no complaints!

I treated my friends to afternoon Pilates…. so thought I’d share some photos of the breathtaking views they enjoyed whilst working their cores & stretching their tight legs after a days hiking.

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Tom Rumsey, owner of Live The Lakes and seasoned outdoor enthusiast, said of his Pilates session with me;

“It was awesome to have a big day out in the mountains taking in the stunning Lake District scenery, then come back to the cottage and have a fantastic outdoor Pilates session with Julia. It was great to sort out those tired muscles and help your body recover in readiness for another big day. Julia was a great instructor and great at explaining all the Pilates techniques to a newbie like me – she was especially good at helping me stretch out my particularly tight hamstrings. I felt really energised afterwards. I think the whole group had great fun and doing it outside with the view of the mountains in the background certainly made it a special experience – thanks Julia!”

Thanks so much again to Tom from Live The Lakes for organising such an awesome weekend. I would highly recommend contacting him if you’re planning your own ‘Escape the City’ Lake District Adventure. It’s just a 3 hour train journey from London if you don’t fancy driving it, and Tom can organise everything for you there.

Visit www.livethelakes.co.uk to find out more.

Thanks to James Robinson too for taking the great photos!!