Cycle to Work scheme boosting London employees health & wellbeing

We’re passionate about creating healthy workplaces, and making it easier for busy Londoners to fit exercise into their working day. So we’re advocates of workplace health initiatives like the Cycle to Work scheme.

night-sport-bike-bicycleThe Scheme is a tax-efficient, salary-sacrificed employee benefit that makes it cheaper for employees to take up cycling. It’s a great way for London commuters to ditch the tube, have an active and cheaper commute to work.

Results from a survey released this week by the Cycle to Work Alliance has highlighted the health and wellbeing benefits of the Scheme for both employees and their employers.

The survey revealed:

Over 85% of London employees noticed health benefits from participating in the scheme. They also reported improvements in their general fitness; weight loss and felt less stressed.

Employers are also benefiting too. Two thirds of London participants (66%) stated that cycling to work had improved their productivity at work.

Steve Edgell, Chair of the Cycle to Work Alliance and Managing Director of Cycle Solutions said: “This research also shows that by making physical activity an integral part of people’s lifestyles, the scheme is an effective mechanism for encouraging non and novice cyclists to cycle regularly, and achieving a step-change in behaviour.”

…So no excuses not to get on your bike and get active!!

Find out more about the Cycle to Work Initiative and the Cycle to Work Alliance