Serve with a side of Pilates!

Exercise in the City

Feeling inspired to play tennis watching the Wimbledon Final today? Perhaps you’re already an aspiring Murray?!…  Serve with a side of Pilates to help prevent injury and strengthen your serve.

Tennis is a fantastic sport and exercise choice, not only for its cardio benefits, but the skill and coordination required gets your brain working too. But like all one sided activities, it can take its toll on your body. All the force used on one side to serve and the power required to return the ball can result in muscle imbalances which can lead to back and shoulder pain, or even injury. Pilates is a fantastic exercise for injury prevention and recovery.

Pilates focuses on strengthening your ‘core muscles’, those which protect your spine, give you support and balance – beneficial for all sports (not just tennis) and everyday life. Pilates also rectifies muscle imbalances and can improve posture…

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