BBC Radio 4 – Office cake or office workout

radio-4-logoWe featured on BBC Radio 4’s report ‘Cake Culture vs Active Workplaces’.  Listen to hear our Pilates classes at software company, Pivotal, and what staff have to say about how much they value their weekly classes.

Listen to the full report here… we’re at 2 minutes!

We’ve been bringing lunch break Pilates and Yoga classes to Pivotal for over seven months. Staff tell us how much they enjoy the classes and value the break from their computers.

“The main benefit is that it’s so simple to fit into my day… it’s easy for me to bring my things into work, I do the session in my lunch and then get on with the rest of my work”
Josh, Programmer

“I found the idea of going to a class after work quite daunting with people I don’t know… so having classes here, during lunch time with people I know is a real benefit”
Bea, IT Support specialist

Pivotal are a fantastic example of a company who offer a range of benefits and activities for staff as they appreciate the value it adds to their culture and productivity.

“In order to build a new sustainable software development model, every organised extracurricular activity at Pivotal—from ping pong to yoga to hot meals—was created with purpose, since a company’s employees (or in our case, Pivots) are their most valuable resource.”

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