Liven up your lunch

active-lunch-social-media-imageJoin the Active Lunch Challenge
Did you know introducing just ten-minutes of bite size chunks of activity in and around your working day can help maintain a healthy lifestyle?

From now until the 28th February you and your colleagues can join the Active Lunch challenge by logging your activities and earning activity points with the Workplace Challenge.

Activities can be anything that gets your heart rate elevated, makes you feel a little bit warmer and gets your blood pumping. From a brisk lunch break walk, stretching at your desk to a fitness class in your office.

Why take part
Many of us spend more than 60% of our waking hours at work, and in January/February when the mornings and evenings are filled with darkness getting out and being active can often be the last thing we want to do!  So the challenge will be highlighting lots of easy ways you can make an active change to your daily routine.

We’re passionate about getting workplaces active and will be supporting the Workplace Challenge to promote the campaign with prizes, tips and advice to help you stay healthy in the workplace.

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