Why you should try run commuting

Now the clocks have gone forward why not make the most of the extra light (and hopefully warmer days) and try run commuting?Run Commute

It’s such an easy way to fit exercise into your working day. If running your whole journey seems daunting, try getting on (or off) the tube a few stops earlier and run, jog or even walk just some of your way to work.

We spoke to run commuter Peter Ward to find out why it’s so great and for his advice and top tips for getting started:Peter Ward

Why did you start run commuting? 
I don’t like being on the tube in rush hour and was looking for ways to make my journey to work a little less stressful. I was a casual runner at the time (I’d completed a few 10K runs) so thought I would give it a go.  

How often do you run to or from work and how far is your run commute?
When I first started I would just run to work in the morning, maybe one or two times a week. I’m lucky I have shower facilities and lockers at work. Over time as my fitness improved, I started sometimes running home too. If I run directly to work it’s around 4 miles, but I often take a more scenic 6 mile route which is a little further but avoids traffic.  

London run commute viewWhat’s your favourite thing about run commuting?
I love being outside and experiencing London from a different perspective. There are so many beautiful parks and spaces in London to explore and I’ll often run through Hampstead Health, Primrose Hill,  Regents Park or along the Canal. 

What are the benefits of run commuting for you?
Firstly the cost saving. If I run to work and back, I save over £5 a day. I’ve got so much fitter since I started too, so there’s health benefits. Personally I’ve been training for a half marathon, and it’s been a great way to fit my training into my working week. Importantly for me I find it such a fantastic way to start the working day. I always feel really energised after running to work and running home from work is so good for stress relief after a busy day at the office. Plus I avoid the London rush hour on the tube.

What are your three top tips for someone looking to try run commuting?
1) Prepare the night before and try and pack light. Once you’ve got the bug invest in a lightweight ruck sack. 
2) Plan your route ahead and vary your route to keep it interesting.  
3) Make sure you have good trainers – it’s really important to have well fitting shoes. Most specialist running shops will be able to help buy the right shoes. 

You can follow Peter and his run commute routes on Strava or Twitter @Petos