Scrap the office chocolate tin

Tasty treats your office needs to try this holiday season.

Guest post by Genna Kalish, Founder of SnackMaster

snackmaster-bannerWe’re all for office munching. Especially during the holiday season. You can’t ask us to celebrate an occasion without diving into packet of something sweet. However, there are so many healthier alternatives to your traditional chocolate tin. We asked SnackMaster Founder, Genna Kalish for her favourites.

Gemma’s top 5 festive snacks guaranteed to tickle your team’s taste buds:

pana1.  Pana Chocolate
No-one does luxury quite like Pana. Raw, organic and handmade in Australia. You have no idea what ‘melt in your mouth’ means unless you have tried one of these bad boys. They are pure velvet. There’s 12 incredible flavours to choose from. Definitely something for everyone.

Mallows2.  Mallows
Who can resist a winter spiced hot drink with marshmallows?! Marshmallows are usually no friend of vegetarians and those that are health conscious. However, Mallows are dairy free, gluten free, and gelatin free. They have no artificial flavourings and colours. And of course, are vegetarian and vegan. Trust us, they taste divine. Absolutely no scrimping on taste.

Ninas Popcorn3.  Nina’s Popcorn
Nina’s is an exciting and innovative range of naturally nutritious superfood popcorn. By using antioxidant and nutrient-rich ingredients, Nina’s have created a popcorn snack that is both delicious and nutritious. You can expect the likes of coconut, goji berries, maca, cacao, spirulina, sriracha, pink himalayan rock salt and pistachios. It’s truly hard to believe that Nina’s is made using 100% plant-based ingredients and is gluten, wheat, dairy and refined sugar free. So tasty (and addictive)!

4.  Livia’s Kitchen Millionaire Bites
livia-kitchenNo one can say no to a slice of millionaire shortbread (or two). The sweet gooey caramel placed delicately on top of the smooth buttery base. Topped with rich chocolate. Sounds like a dream right? And then you remember the sugar content… That’s where Livia comes in. She has created the perfect gluten, dairy and refined sugar free alternative. Full of delicious flavour.

stript-snacks-group5.  Stript Biltong
No snack list is complete without adding something in for the meat lovers community out there. Our favourite meat snack is by Stript. Their biltong is seriously soft and tender. It’s tough to find a brand that is just 100% meat with no added sugar or preservatives. But these guys know how to do it! High in protein, low fat, paleo friendly, gluten-free and naturally rich in zinc, iron, potassium and the B vitamins you need to stay strong and healthy.

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