The Guardian – Wellbeing at Work

the_guardian-logoThe Guardian Online November 2016
Tips on staying healthy in the Workplace

Our founder Julia featured on the expert panel for this live Q&A.

With work becoming increasingly desk-bound, it can be hard to find the time to integrate physical activity into the working day. Following up from the live chat, here were our three key tips for staying healthy and happy in the work place

Three easy tips for staying healthier at work:

Notice and become aware of your posture when you’re sat at your desk.
Set reminders if you need to take the time to regularly sit up and stretch. MCF - Office (10)

Your team and colleagues can help motivate you to keep healthy and active. Encourage each other to take regular breaks and your full lunch break. Your manager should support this, so speak to HR if this is not the case.

Teach First - Abs blast classFind convenient ways to incorporate physical activity into your working day that you can to stick to.  For example; Active commuting – running, walking or cycling some (or all) of the way to work. Move more – take the stairs instead of lifts, go over and speak to colleagues rather than emailing. Organise a fitness class or other activity for you and your colleagues (in your lunch break, before or after work).

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You can view the whole Guardian Online Q&A on the comments section in the feature