Festive Fitness – Rock your Asana

Rock Your Asana - Power Ballads meets YogaLooking to do something different for your office festive activities? Why not get your party started with our Rock you Asana workplace fitness class.  

‘Rock your Asana’ is one of our workplace Festive Fitness Class options and brings together two great things…Power ballads & yoga! 

Rock your Asana Class

Move your body through yoga poses accompanied by a soundtrack of some of the greatest musical creations of our time. Asana to ‘Aerosmith’, bust out a Bakasana to ‘Bon Jovi’, a Sarvangasana to ‘Starship’ and Fierce Pose to ‘Foreigner’. There will of course be the occasional Christmas track for seasonal fun! 

Rock your Asana - Power Ballard meets YogaIt’s great for team building, will energise staff and get the festive spirit going in preparation for your office Christmas party whilst burning a few extra of those Christmas calories! 

This fun class is for EVERY BODY so don’t worry if you’ve never tried Yoga or can’t dance! In Rock Your Asana it doesn’t matter if you can barely see your toes, let alone touch them. All the poses will be offered with modifications, so it’s perfect for even the most un-bendy of bodies.

Our Rock Your Asana class is taught by our fantastic Yoga instructor Meg Jackson.  

Why not also also book a restorative Yoga session for ‘the morning-after’ your Christmas party (or lunchtime!) to help staff recover. 

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Dance’ class or ‘Rock your Asana’ (Power Ballads meets Yoga!)… Or perhaps recover the morning after with arestorative Yoga session.  It’s great for team building, will energise staff in preparation for your office Christmas party (or recovery after!) whilst burning a few extra of those Christmas calories. Find out more below and also our top tips to help you


Festive Fitness Fun for your office

Looking to do something different for your office Christmas activities? Why not organise a fitness class in your workplace? Great for team building, burn off a few extra calories and engergise your body in preparation for your office Christmas party (or recovery after!)

Our Festive Fun Fitness Classes

Pre Party PilatesPre-Party Pilates
Strengthen and stretch your body to limber up for your office Christmas party dance moves! A series of mat-based exercises to help improve strength, flexibility, posture and help ease back pain after a day spent sat at your desk.

‘The Morning After’ Yoga class
Restorative Yoga sessionThe perfect cure for post Christmas party hangovers. Organise a restorative Yoga session for your team. Detox, wake-up and energise your body the morning after your office Christmas party.

Countdown to Christmas Conditioning  
Full body workout high intensity classes to kick start your ‘get fit’ new years resolutions. Plank against your boss!Circuits or Boot Camp style class which will be adapted to suit your office space.

Desk to Dance and Get the Party Started with Zumba
A calorie-burning dance fitness party in your office! Shimmy, shake and get the Christmas party dance moves started early. Great for team-building fun with colleagues.

How it works
We’ll come to your workplace to teach the class. All you need is a room or space in your office. Push any chairs and desks to the side.
All of our fantastic Fitness instructors are highly qualified and insured.
Prices start from just £5 per person.

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