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Are you getting enough exercise? 
Finding the time to exercise and get active during your working week is so important. Especially if you spend much of your day sat at a desk.

We wrote a blog post for WeAreTheCity  to mark Workplace Health Week stressing the importance of taking the time to fit physical activity into your working day.
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Work Your Proper Hours Day

Work Your Proper Hours DayToday is Work Your Proper Hours Day
I haven’t made this up! Launched by the Trades Union Congress (TUC) it’s an annual day to encourage you to reflect on your work-life balance and just work the hours you’re paid to do. 

According to the TUC over five million people at work in the UK regularly do unpaid overtime, giving their employers more than £31 billion of free work in 2014 alone. Londoners are over-working the most with an average of over 8 hours a week… that’s a whole extra day!

Working continuous long hours is bad for your health… it creates stress and of course sitting slumped at a desk for hours at a time is horrendous for your back. It causes bad posture which can lead to muscle imbalances and pain.

If you take proper breaks from your desk you’re going to be far more productive in the hours you’re working. So employers take note….better work-life balance means happy employees. So less staff turnover, less recruitment costs and a more productive workforce.

3 easy steps to exercise in your office!

A great way to make sure you take your full hour lunch break or finish work on time is to organise exercise classes in your office. Pilates is especially good for a lunch-time class. You’ll lengthen and stretch your muscles, focus on your posture, strengthen your core and re-energize your body for the afternoon ahead.

Find out more about organising classes at your London office with Exercise in the City.  

So on this Work Your Proper Hours Day make sure you leave your desk and take your full lunch break. Go for a walk and enjoy this rare day of London sun. And start your weekend on time… It’s Friday!!

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Clocks go back… darker earlier… harder to motivate yourself to exercise right?

The clocks go back; it’s darker earlier, days get colder, you’re finding it harder to motivate yourself to leave the office at lunchtime & an increased desire to go straight home after work and not exercise… Sound familiar?! 

Clocks go back Yes it’s that time of year again… and we had such a fabulously long and warm summer, I fear the impending darkness will be sure to hit us Londoners hard! It will be at least 5-6 months before we can enjoy after-work jogs in the sun, lunchtimes spent sat wherever we can find a piece of green, waking up to the sun streaming in through the curtains…. Feeling depressed yet?!

So you know you’re going to find it hard to motivate yourself to keep active right? Not leaving the office for your usual lunch time walk – preferring to microwave some soup and browse the internet instead. And then rushing home from work to stay warm on the sofa and catch up on the latest box set is far more tempting than the gym or an exercise class after work.

Do not fear …. Exercise in the City is here to help!

We bring lunch-time or before/after-work Pilates classes (or any other fitness class of your choice) to you at your London officeIt’s easy to organise, low-cost and a great way to keep active during your working day.

Did you know? Melatonin is a hormone that affects sleep. It’s produced by a small gland in your brain (pineal gland). When it’s dark, the pineal gland produces melatonin to make you feel sleepy. So in winter, when we’re exposed to less sunlight, some people produce higher amounts of melatonin. This results in symptoms such as sleepiness & low energy levels *

Physical activity is a great way to keep energised, stay motivated and can also help combat the effects of SAD (Seasonal affective disorder, also known as ‘winter depression’)…. And if we’re coming to office each week…. you’ve no excuses!

Contact Julia at julia@exerciseinthecity.com to find out more and book your first session today.

* NHS Choices website