How to fit physical activity into your workplace

Workplace Challenge LondonThe Workplace Challenge is a fantastic initiative to promote sport, physical activity and health improvements in workplaces across the capital. I was delighted to be asked by the organisers London Sport to give some tips for fitting exercise into your working day for their newsletter. Read the full article below. 

Do you struggle to find the time or motivation to fit physical activity into your working day? Here are some simple steps to make it easier.

Find a fitness buddy
It’s a lot easier to motivate yourself if you’ve got someone else to encourage you. Ask around at work, involve your team and you’ll have a set of new fitness friends in no time.

Commit to it
Block out an hour in your diary over lunch at least twice a week. Share as a meeting request with your fitness buddy. Go for a pre-lunch fast-paced walk, jog or run.

Plan ahead
Bring in your lunch so you don’t need to waste time queuing for a sandwich!

Remember to have fun
Exercising over lunch with your colleagues is great for team building, plus it can help get rid of the stresses of the morning so you’re ready to face the afternoon ahead.

MCF Pilates class in their office Get active in your office
Why not organise a lunchtime/after-work Pilates or exercise class in your workplace? You don’t need much space – just move desks and chairs to the side, throw down your mats and away you go! We at Exercise in the City bring fun, energetic and effective exercise classes to you in the convenience of your own office. We come to you… so no excuses!

To find out more and book your first class today email me at

Find out more about the Workplace Challenge here 

Workplace Health Week

Workplace Health Week is set to increase employee activity, health and wellbeing in London

We’re excited as this week is the first ever Workplace Health Week. It’s a fantastic campaign organised by Workplace Challenge and London Sport to encourage employers and employees across the Capital to get involved and show their commitment to workplace health and wellbeing. Something we’re of course passionate about! Read on for more information about the campaign and how you can get involved.
Workplace Health Week

Workplace Health Week (18-22 May) is celebrating employee health and wellbeing and encouraging businesses across London to put more emphasis on workplace health by making a Workplace Challenge Pledge.

When 60% of our waking hours are spent at work, the importance of increasing opportunities to be active in the workplace is clear. Regular physical activity can help reduce the risk of many chronic conditions including: coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes, some cancer, obesity, mental health problems and musculoskeletal conditions.

How can individuals and employers get involved? 

Workplace Challenge Take the Workplace Health Pledge Both employees and employers can make a pledge via the Workplace Challenge website. With individuals making a personal commitment to increasing their levels of workplace activity and businesses taking action to improve the health and wellbeing off their staff by facilitating a more active working environment.

Share your pledge on Twitter and Facebook and help encourage others to do the same. Use the hash-tag #WorkHealth2015

Join the Workplace Challenge Midday Mile  At noon on Wednesday (20 May) step out your door and get walking. Hosted by London Sport anyone can take part – just start and finish outside your office! You can raise funds too for the British Heart Foundation who are supporting the event. Find out more

Staff at Girl Guiding UK enjoying an after work Pilates classOrganise a Pilates or fitness class at your office  An easy way to get active in your workplace. All you need is a free room or space, push desks the side and away you go. We come to you… so no excuses!   Find out more about fitness classes at your office and book your first session today.

Vote for Exercise in the City!
We at Exercise in the City have a vision of bringing fun, energetic and effective exercise classes to offices across the UK.  Until 5pm on Wednesday, you can vote for us to pitch our vision to Richard Branson!
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Why should businesses sign up and commit to the Workplace challenge?

In addition to the clear health and fitness benefits for employees, businesses can reap the rewards of workplace activity initiatives. Research shows that workplace physical activity programmes can reduce absenteeism due to sickness, increase work attendance, reduce job stress and decrease use of the healthcare system.

I’m in – how can I get my employees more active?

Visit the Workplace Health Challenge website to register your pledge and find out more about how your business can support a healthy, active workforce.

Organise a Pilates or Fitness class in your office with us at Exercise in the City. Contact us to discuss class options and book in your first class today!

Business case – why workplace physical activity?—why-workplace-ph 

Please vote for Exercise in the City

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We need to get as many votes as possible by Tuesday (5th May) to get to the next stage. It just takes a few moments to vote and I would so appreciate your support.

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Work Your Proper Hours Day

Work Your Proper Hours DayToday is Work Your Proper Hours Day
I haven’t made this up! Launched by the Trades Union Congress (TUC) it’s an annual day to encourage you to reflect on your work-life balance and just work the hours you’re paid to do. 

According to the TUC over five million people at work in the UK regularly do unpaid overtime, giving their employers more than £31 billion of free work in 2014 alone. Londoners are over-working the most with an average of over 8 hours a week… that’s a whole extra day!

Working continuous long hours is bad for your health… it creates stress and of course sitting slumped at a desk for hours at a time is horrendous for your back. It causes bad posture which can lead to muscle imbalances and pain.

If you take proper breaks from your desk you’re going to be far more productive in the hours you’re working. So employers take note….better work-life balance means happy employees. So less staff turnover, less recruitment costs and a more productive workforce.

3 easy steps to exercise in your office!

A great way to make sure you take your full hour lunch break or finish work on time is to organise exercise classes in your office. Pilates is especially good for a lunch-time class. You’ll lengthen and stretch your muscles, focus on your posture, strengthen your core and re-energize your body for the afternoon ahead.

Find out more about organising classes at your London office with Exercise in the City.  

So on this Work Your Proper Hours Day make sure you leave your desk and take your full lunch break. Go for a walk and enjoy this rare day of London sun. And start your weekend on time… It’s Friday!!